Rochester, NY based modern rock cover band
Well, here comes the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Adam Flagg, our lead vocalist, will be leaving the band and moving to Michigan. We wish Adam the absolute best in this new chapter of his life and we are equally excited to see what the next chapter brings to us. 
That being said, The Transport will only have two more shows before we’re closing the books. We have high hopes on a new project for 2019, but these last two shows will be THE TRANSPORT’S FINAL SHOWS. 

We’d like to give a special thank you to all of our fans, venue owners, and everyone else we’ve been blessed to share the stage or work with over the last few years! It happened out by chance, but we are so extremely thrilled to be playing our last show ever at Brickwood Grill. We thought nothing was more appropriate than having the venue that gave us our start, to also be hosting the end.

Thanks again and cheers to all the memories!!

The Transport’s final two shows are:

- Friday Oct 12th - The Beer Hall Grill + Taps 8pm-12am

- Saturday Oct 27th - Halloween Show/Final Show at Brickwood Grill 10pm-2am