Rochester, NY based modern rock cover & party band
Festivals, Bars/Venues, Weddings, Private Party Shows & more!
Formed in January 2016, The Transport covers rock, funk, metal, country, rap, and whatever types of music you want to hear cover band from Rochester, NY! We learn multiple new songs every week in order to ensure we will never deliver you the same show twice! Thank you for your support! Let's keep the party rollin' and the drinks a' flowin!
(Sort of...)
Adam Flagg
Lead Vocalist
Adam's wonderous vocal chords will strike you right in the feels. Legend has it that some listeners, after hearing his notes of glory, claim to experience a feeling as if their ear drums are receiving a warm and gentle hug.
Past Projects: Your Own Reflection, Surge
" My apartment is too nice to listen to rap in.
-Kanye West
Brendan Ayers
Bass Guitar
The movement of Brendan's fingers make all who gaze upon them swoon with feelings of attraction. It is said that he has learned how to produce "The Brown Note" with his six-string bass.
Past Projects: NewFire, Surge, Maiden Rochester, Serenity Falls, Stillborn
" It doesn't sound anything like 'Under Pressure'. - Vanilla Ice
Joe DiBaudo
After hearing tales of Joe's incredible strumming, stroking, plucking, and sliding abilities some question if he just a man or a God amongst men.
Past Projects: The Shattering Moon, 31 Goings, Dani California, Surge, NewFire
" No security guard can stop a refridgerator falling off a skyscraper.
- Jadakiss
Chris Prince
The way in which Chris grasps his wood leaves many envious of his technique. It has been reported that he once assisted in a drug bust by playing double bass so quickly that the perpetrators thought a police helicopter was flying overhead.
Past Projects: NewFire, The Closer, Falling Forward
" Wu-Tang is for the children.
- Ol' Dirty Bastard
John Christanis

Drums (Fill-In)
" If he only wants you for your breasts, legs, and thighs send him to KFC
- Drake